Methodology 📓

The statistical information presented on this website refers to Spain. The total market cap of the Spanish Real Estate, for year 2022, is ~5.2 billion € (long scale, 1012):

Market Cap (f)(Nul × Rp) + (Ful × Up) + (Hp × Ha × D)
Total market cap5.203.322.496.120 euros
Spain total area506.006.730.000 m²
Non urban land (Nul)485.443.830.000 m²
Average rustic land price (Rp)0,98 eu/m²
Free urban land (Ful)4.506.630.000 m²
Average urban land price (Up)151 eu/m²
Average housing price (Hp)1624 eu/m²
Average housing area (Ha)96 m²
Number of dwellings (D)25.953.055

Data base access

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Data updating

As a rule of thumb, the data are updated quarterly. In any case, the last update date can be consulted in the header of each indicator post.

When dealing with current year data, the figures shown are an annual projection using the already available data (months, weeks...). Because of the seasonal nature of some variables, the annual projection is seasonally adjusted when suitable.

Data sources

The content is based on data from multiple statistical institutions. All are reproducible and can be verified by consulting the sources in each indicator post.

► Collection of other interesting sources not used (Expand for details)

  • Eurosystem Balance Sheet, ECB: Link
  • Euro Area, Monetary aggregate M3, ECB: Link
  • Euro Area Indicators Trading Economics: Link
  • Global debt database, IMF: Link
  • Housing Report, Bank of Spain: Link
  • Housing in Europe, Eurostat: Link
  • Local building permits, MITMA: Link
  • Mortgages stats, Asociación Hipotecaria Española: Link
  • New housing stock, MITMA: Link
  • Price of farm land, MITMA: Link
  • Urban Atlas of Spain, MITMA: Link
  • Wage distribution, INE: Link

Notes and contact

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